A Christian Based Education in Northern Michigan!


In 1987, Pellston Christian School merged with North Central Christian Academy to form Northern Michigan Christian Academy (NMCA). NMCA resumed in the facility that North Central Christian School had been using, and still operates today at the same location. North Central Christian School began in 1977, while Pellston Christian School was formed in 1979. Through the merging of these two institutions, Northern Michigan Christian Academy has been faithfully educating children for the glory of Jesus Christ for over 40 years.

P.O. Box 287
1833 McMichael Rd.
Burt Lake, MI 49717
Office:  231-548-2216
FAX: 231-548-2291
Institutional Objectives
By the Grace of God, our students will:
  • Grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and love Him with all their hearts, souls, and minds.

  • Develop God honoring discipline through academics, attitudes, and actions.

  • Master all subject matter necessary for the completion of their high school diplomas.

  • Strike a biblical balance between a head knowledge of the Truth and a vibrant, active faith that shapes their lives.

  • Build and defend their faith.

  • Utilize the platform of Athletics as means of worship to Christ and witness to others while maintaining a competitive spirit.

  • Utilize the platform of Fine Arts with professionalism in the hopes of edification and evangelism.

NMCA utilizes school uniforms from Land's End. Click HERE to access the school's Land's End portal for easy ordering of the uniforms. 

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