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So....what's your church like?

It's a great question, and one we'd like to answer!


If you have never been to Northern Michigan Baptist Bible Church, we'd like to introduce you to our ministries.  We want you to feel welcome to attend and see all that God is doing in our church.  We think you will find that our church is a place where friends can be made and Christ is worshipped.


If you are the parent of young children, our church has a well-staffed and newly remodeled nursery for all children under the age of 4.  We are thankful for the ladies in our church that see to it our youngest attenders are well taken care of while you worship.  If you have any questions about the church nursery, look for Stephanie Chatfield and she will be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Children over the age of 4 are all assigned to different classes that we have made available for you.


Each Sunday, we begin our day with a Sunday School.  Our Sunday School hour is a time in which we search the Word of God on a deeper level, yet are able to do it in a more personal way with more discussion.  Classes for Sunday School are broken down into smaller groups where learning is more effective and enjoyable.  Here is a list of current Sunday School classes and subjects being taught.



Our church's music incorporates the hymns of the faith, in combination with the best of the new music, while delivered in a conservative manner.  We strive to be balanced in our approach to music with Christ-honoring music that aids Christians in their worship of God. We desire to both uphold the older hymns and sing the best of today's modern songs through a conservative approach to music. Currently, we use the Great Hymns of the Faith hymnal along with Hymns: Ancient and Modern


Finally, we believe in preaching.  The pulpit ministry of Pastor Rusty Chatfield is the foundation for our worship services.  God has used his preaching to help many in the church with their walk with God.  Pastor Chatfield strives for doctrinal accuracy, while yet maintaining practical application to our everyday living. 

Throughout this site you will find that there is so much to the ministry of NMBBC.  From music, to preaching, to the youth ministry, to the Christian School and beyond - God is at work in our church and we'd love to have you join us as we see Christ work!  

What do you believe?


Every church has core beliefs that give it an identity.  This listing of beliefs will give you a better idea as to "where we are coming from" as we do ministry.  


Our Beliefs....

What do you have for my kids?


NMBBC cares about children.  From a well staffed nursery to a thriving youth ministry take a look at all the church has for your family to be involved in!


Our youth and children's ministry....

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