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Church Staff

Pastor Rusty Chatfield

Pastor Rusty Chatfield was ordained and became pastor of Pellston Bible Church (now called Northern Michigan Baptist Bible Church) in 1983, and he has faithfully served this church body ever since. He is happily married to his wife Betty, and they have seven children together.


Pastor Chatfield graduated from Tennessee Temple University in 1979 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Bible, and in 1988 he earned his Master’s Degree from Central Michigan University in History.


Pastor Chatfield serves as the Superintendant and History teacher for Northern Michigan Christian Academy. Pastor is featured weekly on WCHY out of Cheboygan on 97.7 at 10 AM on Fridays. Each week he gives a history lesson and applies it to today from a Christian perspective. Also, each week, he seeks to give a Christian perspective on history and current events in the news.  He involves himself regularly in the lives of others outside the office through personal visitation, hospital visits, jail ministries, and more.


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