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A Christian Based Education in Northern Michigan!


Looking for a quality education in a Christian environment for your young person? NMCA offers pre-school through 12th grade education! 

From quality education, to caring teachers and staff, to competitive athletics, click HERE to learn more!

Want to know what is going on at NMCA each week? Check out our school calendar where you can see sports schedules, days off, Christmas and Spring Program Dates, chapel speakers, and so much more!

Click HERE for the school calendar

School Calendar

NMCA seeks to provide a Christian education in an affordable manner. Download and fill out an application to enroll your child in our school!

We desire to partner with parents to give children a strong foundation in both education and Christian principles.


Northern Michigan Christian Academy seeks to instill Biblical principles into every student in order to equip them for future Christian service, and to approach all subject material from a Christian worldview, beginning with God as Creator and Jesus Christ as Savior. Furthermore, Northern Michigan Christian Academy strives to uphold the Christian heritage America’s Founding Fathers established the United States upon and encourages all of its students to be dutiful citizens to God and country.


Moreover, Northern Michigan Christian Academy encourages each of its students to further their education after high school at a higher learning institution that will further equip each student to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. Supremely, Northern Michigan Christian Academy operates to educate children for the glory of Jesus Christ.

NMCA is a part of the American Association of Christian Schools and the Michigan Association of Christian Schools. As well as, a part of the Michigan High School Athletic Association for sports. 

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